What Else You Should Know about Smartwatches

The advancement of technology obviously benefited millions of people from various parts of the world. It has the ability to rule over the minds of people and make it a part of their daily life. When it comes to technology, smartwatches do not fail to make people feel satisfied with its special features and capabilities. For sure you will agree to this that, right? As a matter of fact many of us rely much on this. The time we open our eyes until we close our eyes and sleep, smartwatches always make us feel satisfied because of its wonderful functions.

What is a Smartwatch?

A smartwatch is the device that is placed on your wrist while it runs a full operating system to provide extra functionalities aside from telling time alone. While time keeping is its main function, it can enable users to connect their smartphones wirelessly. It can give users notifications regarding emails, phone calls, or new messages.

They can also install applications to this device to allow them to do things such as playing music and connecting to Facebook. Aside from that, it also enables users to perform functions on the mobile phone without the need to get it out of the pocket.

 Android users can connect with Google Now and iPhone users with Siri.

Android users can connect with Google Now and iPhone users with Siri.

Rivalry to the Coolest Smartwatch Development

Smartwatches are expected to shine this year due to some rumors about different big companies that will be releasing their own versions of smartwatches. Apple Inc. is highly believed to be working on its “iWatch” device. Device master Sir Jony Ive headed up the project and rumored to occupy more than 100 employees.

On the other hand, Sony offered a SmartWatch that is powered by Android. It can communicate wirelessly with the Android phone to feed the users with information regarding social networks, emails, and texts. It will vibrate gently to inform users once a notification comes. It can remotely control the functions on the phone like answering/ending calls across the room.

Motorola’s Motoactv smartwatches have various features such as GPS mapping, heart rate monitor, Fitness Tracking and piece of golf course software that tells users of the green they are putting on. It is a cheaper option than high-end phones.

Other Features of Smartwatches

Smartwatches make use of E-Paper that boosts the battery life. This feature helps in prolonging the life of the battery for more than 7 days. They are also highly customizable that allows users to change the watch display. There are also other customizable options to make a unique setup.

Sony wants to make sure that you remember they've got a smartwatch

Sony wants to make sure that you remember they’ve got a smartwatch

Smartwatches are already being used by various individuals from various parts of the world. Although they are not as popular as smartphones and tablets, they are still useful in their own ways.

5 Guaranteed Ways to Keep the Love Burning

Staying in love is one of the challenges in a long relationship. You can get too comfortable and forget how to become intimate with your spouse. One reason why couples tend to fall out of love is they forget to keep the flame burning. Avoid falling into this kind of situation by doing these steps.

1. Take your partner out on a date

Usually, when you have settled with you partner, you tend to spend less time with them. You become busy with work and other things. Once in a while it is a great idea for couples to go out on a date. This will help rekindle the feelings that started the relationship. Go to places where you have been in the past and the memories will surely refresh your love for each other.

2. Leave love notes for your significant other

This may sound cheesy to you, but this move is actually effective. This will make your partner realize that you have not forgotten him or her. Sure there are many things running in your mind, but it doesn’t mean your loved one is not amongst them. Take down notes of quotes or personal phrases that you wish to say to your spouse and leave them in an area where they can see it easily. This is one effective and thrifty way to remind your spouse that you love him or her.

Give your relationship a makeover

Give your relationship a makeover

3. Invite your spouse to walk with you

There is no better way to spend a night than have your loved one by your side. If ever you come early from work, take the time to invite your spouse to a walk. This is a simple gesture that can certainly keep the love between the two of you. As you walk, hold your partner’s hand; it will surely make the night even more romantic for the two of you.

4. Surprise your spouse with a day off

If you are in a situation where you are the one working and your partner is left at home, surprise your partner with a day off. While at home spend time with your partner. You can both take a nap together or do household chores together. It doesn’t matter what you do; just do it together.

5. Spend some time talking each day

It doesn’t matter how long or how short you talk but just communicate with your spouse. Communication is very important in a relationship. An open communication will make both of your realize where the relationship is going. It can also help build a strong foundation by being open to each other.

Long term relationships need more effort to keep the passion alive

Long term relationships need more effort to keep the passion alive

Maintaining the feeling of love in a relationship can be quite hard. The key is to make some positive connection with your loved one. It doesn’t matter how small the connection is because it can always help to keep the relationship strong. Being in a relationship does not end by just falling in love. It is a continuous process that requires both parties to devote their time, effort, and loyalty.

Organic Vs. Non-Organic: Are You Choosing The Right Food?

The argument of choosing between organic and non-organic food probably had been an issue to most of us all along – even if only a few people talk about it. Most of us just couldn’t afford to go all healthy with purchasing organic products just because it is much more expensive than the conventional ones. However, some of us would ignore the whole idea of it being too pricey since these foods have no pesticides, and therefore will only affect our health for the better. But between these two types of products: do they really differ that much?

The Benefits of Organic

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to consumers’ decision to choose organic food. Some may prefer the taste, but most of them are drawn to the fact that organic produce have significantly lower pesticide residues than the non-organic produce. While traditionally, farmers use chemical fertilizers on their crops, organic farmers use natural fertilizers on theirs.

Moreover, the fact that food additives, processing aids which are not directly added to the food, and fortifying agents such as preservatives, monosodium glutamate, and colorings, are banned in any organic product also give consumers the idea that they are the healthier choice.

Should you buy organic over conventional produce? We uncover some surprising facts.

Should you buy organic over conventional produce? We uncover some surprising facts.

The environmentalists also entertain these products since they reduce pollution and conserve water and soil quality; thus, benefit Mother Earth.

The Downsides in Organic Products

Apart from the higher cost due to expensive farming practices done, organic products may spoil faster as they are not treated with any preservatives. Also, they may look less appealing with irregular shapes, smaller sizes, and odd colors since they are less treated with chemicals.

Organic food isn’t any better: studies

However, Reuters Health has reported that organic products also aren’t really offering you any better nutrients and vitamins than that of the conventional ones. Although they do offer foods that are less exposed to pesticide residue and bacteria which are antibiotic-resistant and are perceived to yield more health benefits, a recent study from Stanford University shows that there was not any difference in the amount of vitamins in both plant and animal products that are grown conventionally and organically. The only slight difference that was found was the bit higher amount of phosphorous found in the organic products.

Researchers Find That Organic Food Offers Few Extra Health Benefits Other Than Moral Superiority

Researchers Find That Organic Food Offers Few Extra Health Benefits Other Than Moral Superiority

They have also found out that milk and chicken produced organically may contain more omega-3 fatty acids, although there were only few studies based on this.

Although more than one-third of non-organic produce had been detected of pesticide residues than the seven percent of organic ones, the researchers believe that more research should be done to clearly explore the potential differences in health benefits between organic and non-organic food.

While it may still be unclear which products you should be choosing for the betterment of your health, the decision may only be up to your convenience, budget, and belief.

Do I Need to Hire More? Learn When to

Did you think that hiring more employees can help lessen the stress of running a business? If yes, have you looked for signs that say you need the extra help? While hiring more staff may seem like the obvious decision to make for the growth of your company, you need to look for cues that say so.

Doing the right staffing action may include letting more people in to help in the job of expanding your business, so what exactly should you be on the lookout for to tell that indeed – there is a need to hire more. Here are tell-tale signs to help you determine whether you should hire more, or not:

Business Is Expanding

Probably one of the most obvious sign is knowing that your business is growing. Your hard work has finally paid off, numbers are growing, and your investments are finally paying off – all are signs that you’re headed at the right direction.

Find and share free documents to help

Find and share free documents to help

As your business is expanding, more workloads are piling. If you or your staff is finding it hard to finish more tasks, then it shouldn’t hurt to add a few extra hands to help. If you feel like there are members contributing to problem, deal with them politely.

New Tasks Just Keep Piling Up

When your business is expanding, you staff might get new tasks which weren’t meant for their skill set. Though your staff may have the right skills for the job they’re doing – adding unfamiliar job can put them in a lot of stress. You might have people managing administrative tasks, coming up with brilliant marketing strategies and training staffs all at the same time – this can be very exhaustive. Consider hiring people who are qualified to work these unfamiliar tasks and you’ll see how quickly you’ll receive turnovers from different departments.

Hiring Managers Tell Us: The Candidate I Still Remember

Hiring Managers Tell Us: The Candidate I Still Remember

Current Employees Need the Extra Help

If you feel that an employee is performing below standards, then you better talk about it. Employees can feel exhaustion when faced with difficult tasks. That is why it’s good to sit down with them and ask about what help you can provide them. Ask them if an extra hand could help and how specifically beneficial can hiring a new employee be.

Customers Complain from Lack of Assistance

When your staff members are spread too thin, chances are it will be very difficult for them to provide every customer the assistance they need. You may want to hire extra people specifically chosen to accommodate customer’s needs necessary for the business to gain a favorable number of loyal customers.

After all careful observation and judgment, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of hiring new staff. Ask yourself questions like will I be able to focus on my work while handling new people? Will I be comfortable with a bigger team? Get back to your budget and come up with a financial plan you can work out on.

Lower Your Debt or Invest More? Here’s How to Decide

There will always come a point in our lives when we are faced with this type of financial dilemma – whether to pay down your debt or to use your savings to invest on something that will help your money grow. While the first thing that may come up in our minds is to free ourselves from debt, it may not always be the best and only option for everyone. Read on these steps to choose what is truly right for you.

  1. Develop a budget plan

Don’t be too confident in trying to invest your money right away. Make sure you actually have the extra cash. Save enough money that will keep your debts paid on time and every time. You wouldn’t want to incur fees from getting behind your credit dues. Not only that, also save money for the rainy days. Consider allotting some for a possible medical emergency when the time comes. Keep this money in a safe account, say a money market fund, and avoid putting them in non-accessible accounts such as a mutual fund or a CD. Sooner or later, you will need this eventually.

Looking for a Big Raise? Here’s Where You Should Move

Looking for a Big Raise? Here’s Where You Should Move

  1. Debt payments are investments

Prioritize your debts. Since you will be paying your debts on time, you will be able to gain an annual return of 13% from a loan with a 13% interest rate. With a $100 loan payment, you will be $13 richer than you would be if you hadn’t paid that loan on time. Another tip is you list your debts from smallest to largest and paying them in that order. Known as the “debt snowball”, this trick will give you a sense of accomplishment once you’ve started to pay your debts slowly yet surely.

  1. Know the difference between the return of investments and the interest rates

When you are considering investing on a financial opportunity, of course it would be best to compare its return rate to your debts’ interest rates. It’s only a matter of balancing which will be of more benefit to you. Plus, if you are willing to borrow money at the debt rate so you can invest with the investment rate. If you’re not willing to do so, it’s best to just pay off your remaining debt before using the money to invest.

Most Opportune Times to Take Your Stock Profits

Most Opportune Times to Take Your Stock Profits

  1. Do the math

The most important thing is to invest only when the expected returns is significantly more than the likely interest from your debts. Sooner or later, you will already be able to pay off your high-interest debts and eventually will find great investments that will give you better return rates than the extra amount you pay for your lower-interest debts.

The next time you are confronted with this problem, weigh your options first and don’t just rely on your impulse. When it comes to money matters, it’s still better to be safe than sorry.